Wilson Walsh is led by former California Governor and United States Senator Pete Wilson and Sean Walsh, senior policy advisor, cabinet member, and spokesman to U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and California Governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Wilson Walsh’s team has decades of experience helping individuals and companies bridge the gaps between business, law, and local, state, and federal governments. Wilson Walsh specializes in helping clients navigate and engage with the regulatory challenges they face at the federal, state, and local levels to proactively resolve issues and prevent problems.

What we do at Wilson Walsh

All too often, our clients approach us after learning – with surprise and frequently too late – that a governmental agency, regulator or official, or a publicly traded competitor is withholding the key to achieving the client’s objective or eliminating the client’s problem. Our clients usually have attempted to confront these problems with tools and tactics that are either ineffective or simply too late.

At Wilson Walsh, we identify our clients’ key regulatory and legal, business, and public relations hurdles during our first meeting. Our tool chest includes invaluable litigation, governmental affairs, and media expertise. Utilizing these tools, we devise optimal strategies for our clients that allow them to navigate, and even employ to their advantage, the short time frames and volatile conditions that often accompany such challenges.

Our clients include a wide variety of national and global enterprises, as well as individuals with unique legal or public affairs issues. There is virtually no problem that involves the government, business, and media sectors for which we cannot provide a successful solution.

We learn and then we act.

Following our first contact with the client, we educate ourselves until we can identify and describe the objective or the dispute as well as the client. We then bring to the matter decades of experience in government, politics, and the media, to devise the best solution –  oftentimes one that is more expeditious and economical than litigation.

In a myriad of situations, we have advocated that clients confront seemingly intractable obstacles and, in doing so, have helped them to achieve:

  • The passage, amendment, or defeat of legislation or the modification of rules by agencies to assist client projects and objectives;
  • National security approvals for U.S. and foreign company transactions;
  • Interface with state and national law enforcement concerning data breeches;
  • Interface with government regulators on privacy matters;
  • Individual and corporate crisis brand management;
  • The cessation of bureaucratic efforts to prejudice or interfere with client endeavors;
  • Negotiations with governmental agencies that achieve favorable outcomes;
  • Work with corporate boards and in house counsel on the protection of individual and company reputations and brands that avoid loss of share value;
  • Work with inside counsel on criminal and civil investigations;
  • Act as the public face for clients facing civil and criminal investigations;
  • Provide political and governmental risk assessment for complex national and international transactions;
  • Successful mediation of disputes on a business-to-business or business-to-government level.

Our relationships with political, business, and civic leaders, at all levels of U.S. government and several international governments grant us access and communications advantages that we employ on behalf of our clients.

Come see for yourself.